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The main reason I created The On My Mind Podcast is to help others change their mind and therefore change their day. I want to help anyone who feels like they are overwhelmed with their day. It is so important to not feel alone in the stuff we go through. How you feel and what is On Your Mind can impact your attitude and the other people around you.

The On My Mind Podcast got its name because I know that what is On My Mind is on my face, my heart, my tongue and my attitude. The thoughts we think can either motivate us to achieve that day or demotivate us to impact our day in a negative way. The good news is the choice is ours.

I plan to use the podcast as an avenue of hope and help for all who need it. I plan to deliver encouragement and tips to help all of us work through our day with positivity. The best way to start is one good change at a time. I hope to help inspire you to make these changes.

If we want to we can impact our days in a positive and uplifting way! I hope you decide to motivate your morning and the rest of your day by listening to The On My Mind Podcast. By applying the tips that I share to your life, you can see a great improvement. I understand the feeling of negativity will always be something we face, but it is how we approach that feeling that can either build us up or tear us down.

I am a Christian, so you will hear me share about my relationship with Jesus. However, if you are not, that does not mean you will not be able to take what I say into consideration! I talk plain and simple, with no churchy language, so that all can enjoy and are welcome to listen. Join in and be a part of the journey together into having better things On Our Minds.

Finally, I want to build a community of friends that can invest in each other and cause a good change in their own worlds. We should realize that what is On My Mind can impact those around us and ourselves for good or for bad. That is your choice and you can decide to be a positive impact on those around you! Listen and join in on the conversation! Take the time out of your day to have a better day.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.

Thank you.


Published by The On My Mind Podcast

The On My Mind Podcast is a Christian themed podcast to start the day off right. I hope to bring up topics and get you thinking about how you can have a better day and better interactions with the people you see everyday.

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