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Comparing Yourself To Others – The On My Mind Podcast with RemyKeene

Hello, and welcome to The On My Mind Podcast, a podcast where we talk about what’s on our minds and how it impacts our day for either good or bad. I’m your host, RemyKeene. And I hope you choose to put good things on your mind. Let’s get into this episode of the, on my mind podcast. Hello. Hello, and welcome to another episode of the, on my mind podcast.

In today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about some ways to stop comparing yourself to others, because when you compare yourself to others, you become. Obsessed with wanting to be like that person like your perception of that person, which isn’t based in reality or based in truth, it’s based on your assumption of how good they have it or things like that.

And that’s just broken. So I wanna share just a few ways to be On top of this and stop comparing yourself to other people. number one, we’re gonna practice gratitude. This one can change everything if you’re grateful for what you have you are going to go far because if you wake up and you tell yourself the things you’re grateful for, I’m thankful for my family.

I’m so grateful for my health. The fact that I was able to get out of bed I’m thankful for coffee, even little things like that. If you are grateful for things that come to you so easily, it’s gonna help you. Start now and start right. And stop comparing yourself to what you see on Instagram or on social media, whatever you see, stop comparing yourself and start focusing on what you’re grateful for here and now in the life you’re living.

What starts as simple gratitude will grow and challenge the way you think about all the future things you interact with also. So make sure that you are practicing gratitude in every area and aspect of your life. Number two. Unlock the power of contentment. I kind of stole this from someone online because I thought it was cool.

It’s kind of just going from gratitude. What do you take into you? Take it into being content with where you’re at, but still striving for more. That doesn’t mean you don’t have goals. It doesn’t mean you don’t set new, higher things. You wanna do new goals you can effectively change.

You don’t sit around and just expect it to come your way. That’s not what contentment is. You’re happy with where you are in life and you’re not what worried you, you, you’re not worried about what other people think about your situation or you’re not worried about what that person has that you don’t, what you are worried about is, Hey, how can I take myself to that next level?

It means that you are developing Yourself and taking yourself further and further each time you do that. So I thought that one was good. I kind of stole it and added my parts but it’s good. It’s good. Because once you’re content with where you can set goals on how to move forward, but if you constantly compare yourself and you constantly are complaining, you’re gonna have a negative outlook.

And that negative outlook is gonna negatively impact everything else. Like we always say on the podcast, keep positive things on your mind so that you can keep going. What’s on my mind impacts my day, whether it’s for good or bad, so let’s make it good. Right. number three. compare your life to other successful people.

In the fact that how can I do what they do? Don’t say, well, I’m not like them So I give up it’s okay. Healthy comparison is okay, but make sure it’s, you’re doing it to set goals. When you are setting goals and you are hanging out with the right people you are getting around what you wanna be like.

So if you want to be wealthy and successful, you should hang out with wealthy, successful people. If you want to be a, a, you know, a lazy bum, you should hang out with lazy bums. You know, if you want to be a kitty cat that lays around the house all day, you could probably do that. Don’t because there’s a lot more to life than just laying around being bored.

And honestly, if you’re listening to this podcast, I feel like, you know that you know, trying to make sure we’re on the right page here. I just wanna bring a recap of what we’ve talked about so far, don’t compare yourself to others in a way that you see something cool that they got to do and you think, oh, I’ll never be able to do that.

Compare yourself in a way that, oh, they’re, you know, they’re getting to do something cool. Maybe I should figure out how they did that. Or what can I do to eventually do that? And that’s how you set goals. That’s how you drive. And, and go after what you need to do. What I want to say is to focus on your strengths, there are so many strengths that you have that other people might not.

So again, in comparing yourself, you don’t know what their strengths are versus your strengths, and maybe you are stronger than, you give yourself credit for and if you don’t know your strengths, ask someone, Hey, what do you see that I’m good at that maybe I don’t even realize that I’m good at what do you think I’m good at?

Like, I’m I got good people skills. What’s that mean? Can I communicate well? What’s that? What else does that mean? You know you gotta fully define what your good skills are and like. I loved people. I like to help people grow. I like to help them identify where they can improve. I like to help them find out that they’re good at what they wanna be good at and they should end doubt themselves or maybe they can improve.

And I want to encourage them in how they can do that. Whatever the process is. I’m, I’m here to help people improve. That’s just one of the strengths that I feel that I have. So I love people. If that’s one of yours. Awesome. If not awesome, because either way God made you the way you are on purpose. So you have strengths that other people don’t have.

So use those strengths, focus on your strengths and be humble about it, make sure you’re humble but you still recognize your strengths and you’re like, you’re not perfect at whatever you’re good at, but you are, you’re good at it. So it’s like, Hey, I know how this should be handled. So let me step up and show people that I know how to take care of the situation that I know how to bring.

My best in this situation. I was in a situation recently where the person was so eager to help others, that they kind of stepped on the other people who wanted to help toast. Like if they overheard a conversation between, you know, person a and person B and person a was helping person B and they weren’t getting there fast.

The person would go and interrupt person a and kind of step in there in front of them and, you know, kind of step on that person’s toes and that’s not okay. That’s overconfidence and that’s not the way you should operate. Instead, you can offer you look at person a and say, Hey, do you need my help?

And if they say, no, I got this cool. If they say, do you have anything that’s an invitation for you to help? You gotta be ready to be told no in that situation because it’s okay. Let other people grow. Maybe they want to challenge themselves in that situation. Just make sure that you’re being mindful of the way that you are impacting people and make sure you’re humble about it, but know your strengths and use those to your advantage.

I hope this podcast episode has helped you. It’s always here for you every month. We’re, we’re coming out with a new episode this is yet another one. So I hope you’re having a great month so far. I’m excited about the next episode already and we’ll see you in that one until then do me a favor, and share this podcast episode with someone that you feel could be encouraged by it.

The best thing that you can do is, is sharing this so that other people here hear awesome stuff we’re on YouTube. We’re almost everywhere. You can find a podcast, we’re on Spotify. Of course, we’re on, apple podcasts, Google podcasts, wherever you listen to podcasts, hopefully, you can find us, so share it with a friend and also check out the YouTube channel, check out our talk.

I haven’t posted a TikTok in a while, so I probably need to do that, yeah, thanks so much. Until next time have a wonderful and blessed.

Thank you for listening to the, on my mind podcast, follow us on all social media at on my mind. Pods, make sure to check out our YouTube channel to watch videos of the podcast. If you love the, on my mind pod, we’d love to have you review us on iTunes. Thank you for making the effort to improve your day.

By listening to the, on my mind podcast. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


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The On My Mind Podcast is a Christian themed podcast to start the day off right. I hope to bring up topics and get you thinking about how you can have a better day and better interactions with the people you see everyday.

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